Saturday, 12 August 2017

✈ TRAVEL: Porthcawl Rest Bay Photo Diary


✈ TRAVEL: Glasgow Photo Diary

2 day trip to Glasgow:

- Botanic Gardens
-University of Glasgow
- Tennant's Brewery Tour
*NOTE: take a beanie or a cap because they try to rip you off and sell you one that is apparently mandatory to wear on the tour
- Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA)


Sunday, 1 January 2017

✈ TRAVEL: Athens Photo Diary

I took a much needed holiday with my family at the beginning of winter break to Athens. It was just nice to get away from all the drama from this past term at uni and climb up mountains and gain some clarity. And the best part of family holidays was that I didn't have to plan anything and just had to follow what my brother and dad had planned :-).
Here are some photos from the trip:

*Some notes on if you're planning to go to Athens:
-Make sure to take your student ID if you have one - most tourist attractions are free for students
-Ticket prices for tourist attractions seem to be half off for most places in the winter
-Most main tourist attractions seemed to close around 2-3PM


Monday, 12 September 2016

BTS: Fragility of Love

Grunge'n'Art magazine recently published my friend Carrie's submission online and you should all go check it out HERE because the photos are so bomb (you'd be totally missing out if you don't go check out her photos, after reading my blog post obviously ;-))! As per usual, I was able to tag along and take some behind-the-scene photos and footage. Unfortunately, my camera died on me during the photoshoot so I only have a short, make-shift video which I've posted on Instagram (link HERE), and please excuse my old iPhone quality shots: