Saturday, 11 February 2012

Nails: Faded (with glitter)

L to R: The Face Shop Top Coat, Barry M Mint Green, Barry M Coral, Revlon Gold Lame

1) Apply base coat and dry
2) Apply a thick amount of clear nail polish to either tip of bottom of nails
3) Whilst the clear varnish is still wet, apply chosen colour in short strokes starting from tip and then gradually merging in with the clear varnish
4) Allow to dry
5) OPTIONAL apply glitter varnish over the clear area of nail and dry
6) Apply top coat

You can do it having the colour fading from the tip to bottom or vice versa. I find applying the coloured polish to the tip is a lot easier but practice makes perfect.

If you want 2 colours to fade into each other, add in an extra step after step 1 and apply a different colour to your entire nail and let dry.

If this tutorial was unclear, another version of similar effect nails can be found here

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