Wednesday, 22 February 2012

SPRING TRENDS: colour blocking

Colour blocking was on trend last year and it's back again this spring.

*For those who don't know what colour blocking is, it's when you wear 2+ solid blocks of colour in your outfit - pretty self explanatory.

 I'm not the most confident with wearing bright colours but I found a way of getting used to this trend and easing it into spring from winter. Wearing darker blocks of colour is a less obvious, more subtle way of colour blocking your outfits and here is an example that I wore on Monday:
1) Maroon jumper with zips on the arm seams from my uncle's shop in Korea.
2) Dark teal bobble beret from Accessorize.
3) Black brogue ankle boots from Newlook.
4) Dark teal bodycon skirt from H&M and the colour of it almost perfectly matches my hat.
5) Mustard ankle socks - my mum's. I wear these over my tights with about an inch poking over the top of my boots. These socks are really what completes my colour blocking outfit.
6) Thick grey tights from Primark.
7) Navy scarf from Burberry.

The colours I went for in my outfit were darker shades of primary colours but you can go for any combination of colours. I think Jenn from clothesencounters actually did a video on colour blocking with primary colours.

*BTW I didn't steal the idea from Jenn, it was a coincidence actually that I was using primary colours at all and I thought I might make a post on it since I already had the outfit planned out.

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