Sunday, 25 November 2012

I WANT: Novelty Pouches

Christmas is coming up and so's my birthday so I've been trying to compile a wishlist and found a few quirky novelty pouches from Urban Outfitters (somehow most of them seem to resemble food):
1. Burger Pocket £10 // 2. Pizza Pocket £7 // 3. Hot Dog Pocket £7 // 4. Sandwich Pocket £10 // 5. Crisp Pocket £7 // 6. Pocket Boombox £7 £5

I am contemplating buying the sandwich pocket to use as a pencil case at school, but I just can't justify paying 10 quid and shipping for a pencil case when I already have a perfectly good one right now. Maybe when UO have an online sale or free shipping ....

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