Saturday, 20 April 2013

SALE PICKS: Topshop (Apr'13)

So Topshop's online sale started a few days ago and to be honest, there's not a lot on there that I particularly want (probably because I'm a massive cheapskate but whatever). As per usual, any bargains that I do spot are already pretty much sold out but I've managed to find two things that have caught my eye:

1. Winter Bloom Bralet (link here)
Bralets are perfect for spring/summer weather. Balance them out with a high waisted pair of shorts/a skirt but if you feel like you still have too much skin on show, throw a cardigan over it or layer on a sheer blouse.

2. Rave Badge Multipack (link here)
These badges are very 90s which I love. Pin these onto an acid wash denim jacket for the 90s grunge look or use them to make a plain backpack more interesting. You can find similar ones on ebay, but since the Topshop ones are on sale the prices are pretty similar and Topshop's just more convenient to buy from.


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