Saturday, 4 May 2013

SPRING TRANSITION: dodgy weather

Spring finally seems to have come around in London, but even so, the weather keeps flicking back and forth between sunny days and miserable clouds and rain. So I've come up with 2 similar outfits so that y'all are prepared for whatever weather. I've kept most of the key pieces in both outfits but switched some of the accessories so that you're weather appropriate.

I chose this dress so that you're dressing for spring with the floral pattern but are still maintain some elements from the winter season so that you're not jumping straight into spring but are easing yourself into it.

This is Spring?
This outfit is for those days where it's pretty cloudy outside and you might feel a bit silly going bare legs and wearing super bright colours. Put on a pair of tights and a lightweight scarf to make sure you stay warm. I opted for black accessories to match the weather but put on a light wash denim jacket to break up the black and stop you from looking too gloomy. (Oh and you can't forget an umbrella - not in London at least!)

This is Spring!
This is Spring! by iampiggy 
This is Spring!
For those days when the sun has finally decided to come out and play. Take advantage of the weather and go all out with bare legs, wearing sandals and a cute straw hat. This time I went for lighter toned accessories and a beige cardigan since it tends to get a bit colder when you sit in the shade. And if you have a vintage camera, make sure to use it, you never know when the lighting will be this great again.


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