Sunday, 26 May 2013

OUTFITS: leg tattoos & stripes

These photos are from about 2 weeks ago when the weather in London was so lovely (unfortunately we're back to clouds and rain atm), so my cousin and I took advantage of the sun and put together an outfit featuring a recent DIY.

(click on the photo for details on each piece)

Excuse the cat face and yes I have slightly ombre-ed my hair again.
My cousin made me some tattoo tights so I will put up a post on how to DIY some soon; but they're pretty simple to make.

My cousin's outfit:

Cardigan Uniqlo // Dress Uniqlo // Socks Uniqlo // Shoes Vintage

These were all shot in the new house which still isn't quite finished yet, hence the roughed up flooring. But I really like the white walls and the lighting was fabulous - barely had to edit any of these photos in that sense. The house should be finished within a week or two and I just hope that even after putting in all the furniture, I'll still have a bit of white wall to shoot against.


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