Sunday, 30 June 2013

SALE PICKS: H&M (June'13)

Sorry I didn't put up a post last week and I will type up an update post soon to explain, but for now here are my picks from the H&M sale:

H&M sale picks (06.13) #2

H&M sale picks (06.13) #1

Almost all the items I've chosen are under £5 and I would say all are still appropriate for the summer season. And I've made sure that most of the sizes are available for each piece (at least for now).

I would love to go online and order all these pieces asap, especially the printed swimsuits, but I don't think I'm getting into a pool or going to the beach anytime soon and I still have a couple of swimsuits from last year that I have yet to wear.

Happy shopping!


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