Thursday, 8 August 2013

NEW IN: AA London Outlet

I'm sorry I've been away. I will have an update post at some point to explain but for now, here's a haul of things I bought in the American Apparel Outlet Store.

There is an AA outlet currently in East London (link to the facebook event HERE), so my friend's and I decided to hit it up. To be honest, most of the things were still pretty pricey (ranging from H&M to Topshop prices) but there were one or two things worth picking up:

American Apparel (London Outlet) California Fleece Tulip Skirt £27 £6 each (link HERE)
*sorry for the creasing
These skirts have a fleece lining so, although inappropriate for the current weather, I thought they'd be nice and warm for the colder months. They're elasticated with pockets and are really comfortable to wear, easy to pair with a lot of things and will probably end up being a wardrobe essential during the winter.

American Apparel (London Outlet) Neon Orange £9 £3.50 (link HERE)
Recently, I've been lusting after a neon yellow nail polish but they don't seem to sell any in Boots or Superdrug and obviously, I was not going to pay £9 at American Apparel. But I happened to spot this neon orange one at the outlet which was significantly reduced from the original price and so I'm having to make do with an orange instead of a yellow. 

It needs at least 2 coats but gives you a true neon colour when you put it on. Also, for anyone wanting to tan in the sun, this colour definitely makes you seem more tanned (bummer for me but yay for the majority of you).

I should have another haul post coming up and hopefully will get back into blogging. But bye for now, and hope you're all enjoying your summer holidays :-)


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