Sunday, 18 August 2013

NEW IN: Accessories from Casio, Newlook, Topshop

Another haul of this and that I've bought over the past two weeks.

Snooper's Paradise (Brighton) £9.99 (American Apparel link HERE)
I've wanted this watch for a really long time, but the average price I've found is roughly £40 (depending where you shop). So, when I found this in a vintage/antique/junk shop in Brighton for less than £10, I picked it up without a second thought.

*For anyone visiting Brighton, I would definitely recommend Snooper's Paradise (more info HERE) if you're into second hand items. It's definitely somewhere you could probably spend hours in since it's pretty big, selling anything from vintage badges, second hand clothes, antique furniture to comics and records (i.e. everything and anything) so it's great to just have a rummage through to see if you can find any gems. 

New Look (L-R) £3 £1.50 // £4 £2
Jenn (from clothesencounters) has totally inspired me to wear more geometric jewellery. But I hadn't found any that weren't too crazy and being petite short/small, I hadn't been able to find any earrings that don't look ridiculously oversized, until I came across these in the Newlook sale, making me very, very happy :-).

Topshop £3.50 each/3 for £8 £2 / £1 / £1  *
These were originally on sale for £2 each but two pairs were actually only £1 when I took them to the till (score!). The photo doesn't pick this up, but the pair on the far right actually has silver threading throughout making them look all glittery, and if you know me, you know I love me some glitter. Overall a complete bargain for Topshop socks.

Topshop £7.50 £3.75  *
Yin yangs are probably one of my favourite symbols and this happened to catch my eye as I was walking up to the till. It's a shorter chain necklace that sits roughly on the neckline of most tops. For any of you with a significant other, this is perfect since it splits in half into 2 necklaces - like one of those childhood 'best friend' necklaces. But for those who are single pringle (e.g. me) then either split it with your best girlfriend or I actually prefer to wear them both together and have already received a couple of compliments.

I've been trying not to spend too much, with so much money going into the new house and all, but things just seem to keep on building up. That's part of the reason I'm returning my Juju Jellies (as some of you may have seem on my instagram). The other reason being that I just find the sandals too loose around my ankles, despite buckling them to the last hole. At least I didn't pay full price for any of these purchases.


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*excluding my 10% student discount


  1. I love the yin yang necklace! I've actually always wanted a yin yang tattoo (just a small one).

    1. me too! but i'm indecisive so i worry i'm just going through a phase and i'd regret getting it as a tattoo