Sunday, 29 September 2013

DIY: Personalised Notebook

1.       Clear file and tape / sticky back plastic
2.       Magazine cut out(s)
3.       Glue
4.       Scissors
5.       Notebook

Stick your cut out(s) onto the cover of your notebook with glue. 
I like to use old magazines but you could also print out some photos or pictures. I've only used one cut out here, because I’m lazy, but feel free to fill up the cover if you want. Whatever floats your boat.

Trace your notebook onto the sticky back plastic. 
didn't have any so I used a clear file pocket, which isn't as good but it get’s the job done. Add an inch and trace the shape shown above.

Cut out the stick back plastic / file.
If possible, try to score the lines outlining the notebook (this makes it easier to cover later).

If you’re using sticky back plastic, take off the backing and stick to the cover.
If you’re using a file, tape the edges on the inside of the cover, as shown above.
(not really sure why there are scissors in the photo, ignore those)
The clear cover should protect your notebook, so that the photos don’t fall off or get damaged.

And you're done!

Here are some other examples of notebooks I've covered.

I know this DIY is really boring, but I think it makes your notebooks much more interesting, and I need every little bit to get me through a school day. It's also a great way to use any old magazines you have laying around.


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