Monday, 23 June 2014

✈TRAVEL: What's in My Carry On

This is what I'm going to be taking with me on my long haul flight to Korea:

Headphones/Earphones + Ipod (Sony Headphones)
Background music is a must for me and headphones are great for flights as they tend to be noise reducing (if not noise cancelling). Mine were inexpensive with great reviews and it's handy that they fold up.

I might edit any photos or a video on the flight and my particular laptop is great because it's lightweight with a long life battery. Even if I don't use my laptop on the flight, I'd still rather have it with me, just in case it gets damaged in my suitcase or they lose my suitcase (touch wood).

Camera + Phone + Purse (Samsung MV800 / Samsung Galaxy S3 / Osprey London) 
I might possibly vlog a little, but either way, similarly to my laptop, I'd rather have my camera with me. I'll probably also be taking an extra phone to use in Korea.

Extra Battery + USB Cable
My phone battery doesn't last for very long - so I'll be taking an external battery just in case. Also for in case my ipod or camera runs out of battery as well.

Journal/Notebook + Pen
I'll finally have time to write in my journal on the flight and also write down any blog ideas. And you never know when you need a pen.

For extra entertainment on the flight, I'm taking this book that I picked up in a charity shop for only £2. I've started reading it already and, so far, it's great and an easy read. But it is on the heavier side because it's hardback so I might decide to switch it to a different book last minute.

Passport + Documents
I'll be keeping all important documents (including tickets and passport) in this pouch I picked up from a charity shop as well. I think it's meant to be an ipad case but it also works as a clutch or a pouch. It'll make sure my passport is extra safe, even though the passport holder is probably enough. (Also hoping to buy a new passport holder in Korea to replace this creepy cat one.)

Burger Pouch (UO): Tinted Lip Balm + Hair Ties + Bobby Pins + Paracetamol
A tinted lip balm (Vaseline 'Paint the Town Red')  is easy to apply and a great way to get some colour on your lips without using any drying lipsticks. Extra hair ties and bobby pins are always useful and paracetamol for if I get a headache.

Face Wipes (Simple Cleansing Wipes)
As I'm on a long haul flight, I'll probably want to take off any face make up on the plane. Face wipes can also double up as wet wipes if necessary.

Liquids: Moisturiser + Concealer + Hand Sanitizer
Airplanes can also dry out your skin so moisturiser would be handy and can be used as hand cream as well. I'll probably reapply concealer just before I get off the plane and you can avoid the extra bacteria by using a hand sanitzer.
(I'll be putting all liquids in a clear plastic resealable food bag)

Let me know if you think I've missed out any essentials!


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