Thursday, 10 July 2014

REVIEW: Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream

[Apologies for the black marks; I have no idea how they got there]

 I bought this about two weeks ago because I ran out of my last moisturiser I was using and I didn't have time to repurchase my old one. 

Just a back story: I have combination skin with minor acne. That's why I thought that this moisturiser looked like it would be great: it says it's light with added SPF, which would provide extra protection for your skin in the summer. 

But, to be honest, this was a major disappointment. It left my skin feeling sticky, which is the last thing I needed for a hot summer and humid country like Korea. It felt heavy on my skin and made my skin feel more oily. To top it off, this moisutriser made my skin break out  (although this could purely be the moisturiser reacting with my skin and does not necessarily mean it will be the same for anyone else)

I would say that this would probably be more suited for those with dry/normal skin or for those looking for a dewy finish. Personally, this moisturiser made me self conscious about whether my skin looked too shiny or not. However, if you want to try this out, it doesn't break the bank at only £3.99, and I really like the packaging.

A link to this product can be found HERE.

(I've also found that Nivea has a moisturiser in the same line for oily/combination skin (link HERE) which might have been more suited to my skin. Maybe I'll try that one next. 


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