Thursday, 25 September 2014

BACK 2 SCHOOL: Wardrobe Essentials

I might be a bit late on the back to school posts but in my defence, I haven't started university yet. These were my wardrobe essentials when I went to school and you'll probably see comfort was a big factor in deciding what to wear.

Graphic Tees
They're more interesting than a plain t-shirt but are just as easy to pair in outfits. Not to mention that graphic tees are super comfortable and I have probably rolled out of bed in them and gone straight to school on super lazy days or if I'm in a rush. Uniqlo's men's section have a great selection of tees (link HERE) that are on sale every summer and is where the majority of my graphic tee collection is from.

my aunt's design
I'm not a major fan of leggings but you can't deny that they are comfortable as hell. Pair them with an oversized tee or jumper and you're set for a casual school day. The above pair are one of my aunt's designs and I like how they have a bit of an edge with faux leather knee pads and zip detailing on the side. I also used to wear printed leggings to make an outfit more interesting, paired with a more simpler top.

Zipped Hoodie
Again, ultimate comfort. Hoodies are also a great for layering in autumn/winter and the hood is practical for when it starts raining (which is always if you live in London). It's hard to not veer towards looking like a slob when you wear a hoodie but I think as long as you stay away from tracksuits, you should be okay. This one is my school leavers' hoodie but you can find them anywhere from Primark to American Apparel.

Levi's Denim Jacket East End Thrift Store  // Oversized Jumper stolen from my brother
I think it's essential that you find a jacket that can be paired with anything and everything and you won't get bored of. For me, it's an oversized denim jacket and I find that even if you dress like a slob, an oversized denim jacket always makes you look cooler. Also it works great throughout the whole year. You could also try a bomber jacket, which is meant to be big for this season.

Oversized Jumper
Perfect for the autumn/winter season, oversized jumpers are super comfortable and keep you warm. The majority of my school outfits in A/W was probably variations of the oversized jumper + leggings combo.

Ankle Boots Ebay // Nike Air Max 90 TK Maxx
I cannot stress enough, out of everything I've mentioned, shoes worn to school should be the most comfortable. They can affect your posture and I don't have time to be worrying about my feet hurting when I'm walking to and from school and running to classes. The pair on the left are my most worn shoes (not only in school) because , on top of being comfortable, they go with everything. Trainers are also a good option, especially if you find yourself running for buses a lot.

Left Kipling // Right Asos

I went through a variety of bags throughout my school years but I always returned to a backpack. On some days during secondary school, I used carry a ridiculous number of heavy textbooks, so side/shoulder bags would be too uncomfortable. I've had to throw away my last backpack because it was so tattered, but it was similar to the Asos one on the right. The faux black leather backpack went well with and edged out any school outfit, also transitioning well into any after school plans I might have had. I can vouch for Kipling bags being super durable (I've had this bag for over 7 years and only the only problem was the velcro becoming less efficient) and I used to wear the red backpack if I felt my outfit was too monochromatic or boring.

Everyone's school wardrobe essentials are bound to be different, but I hope I've given you some ideas on dressing for comfort at school without being to slobby. Good luck at school!


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