Thursday, 13 November 2014

NEW IN / OUTFIT: Let’s Rock & Roll, Babydoll

This outfit was from a while ago when the temperature was in the low 20s (Celsius, not Farenheit) – weirdly warm for the end of October, so I thought I better post it before the weather gets any colder in London and this outfit becomes completely irrelevant.
Normally, babydoll dresses aren’t that flattering on me and too girly for my taste, but this one was a winner with the cut back (which isn’t too low, so no worrying about bra straps showing) and being the perfect length, which is rare to find for my height. Oh, and did I mention I bought it in the sale for £5!
Dress Funk Rock // Denim jacket East End Thrift Store

I toughened it up with my now not-so-new black ankle boots (a replacement for my old ones from eBay that literally broke), black bag with studs and a denim jacket. To be honest, the jacket wasn’t 100% to my liking and I would have probably preferred a more cropped jacket but it was the best option I had.
Earrings New Look
Bag gift-my aunt's design
Boots H&M
I’m sorry disappearing for over a month; I’ve had a load of crazy going on. I’m actually typing this up on the tube on the way to university because I have no time otherwise. I’ll try and make a separate blog post updating anyone who’s interested on my life (anybody? no? well I’ll make it anyway for my own satisfaction).
Until then, I hope y’all are doing well and not stressing too much over work/school/uni etc. If you ever need someone to talk to, hit me up on my tumblr or

Later ‘gators

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