Monday, 31 December 2012

The East End Thrift Store

I met up with my lovely friend Maymana who I don't really get to see that often anymore (since she moved up to stupid Kent) and Carrie, and we went shopping. We popped into a charity shop en route to the Thrift Store and they had the biggest cat I'd ever seen but it was so pretty (I was really tempted to steal it- just kidding)

Anyhow, The East End Thrift Store actually sells quite reasonably priced vintage clothes and there's a whole section with clothes under £5! I finally managed to find myself an oversized denim jacket which I bought as a birthday present as the one from Asos that I'd gotten for my birthday didn't fit well at all.

Here's a video I made of our day out:

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First off this fits like a glove and it has pockets and studs so what's not to love?  It also has cute detailing with a tie at the back which shows off a bit of skin without being inconvenient and showing any bra straps. It turns out it's from Miley Cyrus' brand which makes it all the better since I love her style. The playsuit is made of a thinner material so I'd have to layer over it for winter but it's perfect for summer. 

Slouchy Jumper
Coincidentally, I've been wanting a slouchy jumper recently to wear over my maxi skirt. This particular jumper is on the bigger side but I guess that just means it ticks the slouchy box. The colour is so pretty and I love the earthy vibe the colour and texture gives.

Oversized Denim Jacket
I finally bought one! This jacket is the perfect colour and although the sleeves are a little on the long size, I can just roll them up as I have done in the photo above. Unfortunately it doesn't have any pockets but I can always use the pockets of my hoodie that I'll layer under this baby.

*Oh and I hope you all have a lovely new year :)

-Blanc xx

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