Saturday, 5 January 2013


I really think a pair of black ankle boots are a wardrobe essential. They can be paired in so many different ways and so I've searched online and put together a few which caught my eye.

Black Ankle Boots
Black Ankle Boots by iampiggy 
I've tried to choose from a range of prices and flats as well as heels. To get the link to each pair, click the picture above and then on the shoe that you want.

Lace Ups
These tend to give a more 'put-together' vibe and are a perfect complement to any outfit. I currently own a pair of brogue boots which I've worn to death because they're pretty neutral and so don't add or take away from the outfit.

Chunky Sole
These are more masculine and easily 'grungy-fy' any outfit. They tend to have a platform also which is perfect if you're on the shorter side and make the boots a lot more comfortable. I do really want the pair with the buckles but I can only find those sourced in China off Ebay and I don't want to risk them being the wrong size.

I think these are my least favourite kind of heeled boots. I prefer a chunkier wedge but a skinny wedge does give a more glamourous feel. Many people also find walking in wedges a lot easier than regular heels.

The cut out boots with buckles have been quite on trend recently, sold by many brands from Jeffrey Campbell to Topshop. I haven't included many other types of embellishments in the picture because quite frankly, studded boots aren't really my thing and I do think they've been overdone by many highstreet brands.

Of course I couldn't leave these babies out. Yes they have been talked about A LOT in the fashion world, whether that be on blogs, youtube or in magazines. They are pretty pricey but are so worth the money. But, if you just can't justify tons of highstreet shops sell dupes.

I might soon do a post on a compilation of looks including black ankle boots so watch out for that!

-Blanc xx

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