Sunday, 13 January 2013

NEW IN: UO January Sale

Argh, it took me so long to get my hands on this camo jacket because of delivery issues but long story short: always check that your address is put down right.
Oh and also, UO are a lot more helpful if you call them up rather than emailing them if you have any problems.

Anyhow, on with the haul:
Everything came packaged nicely as always. For some reason I really like the UO tissue paper.

Camo Jacket (link here) £45 £20 [S/M]
I've been wanting a camo jacket for the longest time but I've been putting off splurging on one, convincing myself it's just a passing trend (which it probably is but whatever). But this one was on sale!  It fits a bit oversized so I have to roll up the sleeves a bit but the quality is really good. It is from their 'Vintage Surplus' line so it does smell a bit like a charity shop when you first get it but nothing that won't come out in the wash.

Holographic Panel High Tops (link here) £38 £10 [UK3]
If you've read my post on the holographic trend, you'd know I'm in love with anything remotely holographic (PS, the holographic trend is apparently here to stay through SS13 !!). The high tops are by BDG and they're the perfect combination of holographic and suede so that it doesn't seem overly flashy. They're true to size and the quality is also great so the shoes are nicely padded on the tongue and around the ankles.

Holographic Phone Clutch (link here) £16 £5
I saw this in stores and it was so pretty so you can guess I was pretty ecstatic to see that it was on sale. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit my phone (Samsung Galaxy II) nor does it fit the Samsung Galaxy I or Samsung Note. I can just about fit in my Ipod Classic 120GB but it seems a bit pointless without my earphones. So I'm not really sure what to put in it but it is just too pretty to return.

The UO sale is pretty amazing and I am very tempted to order online again but paying for shipping is not fun. My dad said he might order something from UO so I might try and scrape in on that if he does but otherwise I am very content with my purchases :-).


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