Sunday, 20 January 2013

STYLING: Black Ankle Boots

In this post on black ankle boots I said that I would make a post on outfits with black ankle boots so here they are:

Cool to the Max

This outfit I went for a grunge-y feel given by the chunky boots, muscle tee and Boy London beanie. I think this is perfect for summer or even winter if you throw on a cardigan/jacket (depending on your climate). It's a very simple look with a few gold accents and open to add a bit of your own personality.

chanel chic

This is much more chic and sophisticated. The lace up brogue boots give a put-together feel and the red lips and nails add a pop of colour to a monochrome colour scheme. The shirt and blazer add a formality but the red and velvet keeps it fashionable and so I think this would be great for formal events and occasions.
coffee at a festival

In the last outfit I wanted to include the Litas and also have a silver theme: to show more variety from my regular love for gold. I went for a casual look that I would consider myself (maybe when I'm a little older) wearing on a cold day in a cafe, drinking a skinny latte. But at the same time there are some tribal elements so I could definitely imagine somebody wearing this at a festival (again depending on the climate with or without the cardigan) and the platforms on the Litas would be super convenient in giving some height, (especially since I'm very short at 5"1).

I hope you liked these outfits and I would love to make posts of myself wearing these outfits and hopefully when I move house I'll be able to have more space to take photos but until then I guess I'll be creating sets on polyvore.


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