Thursday, 21 August 2014

OUTFIT: I Am A Seouler

Shirt H&M // Shorts Gwanghwamun station // Shoes Edae Market

This outfit is probably the closest I'll get to dressing like someone who actually lives in Seoul. I found that a lot of people in Seoul wear a shirt+trousers+clutch: very classy but somehow they made it casual as well. Personally I couldn't stand the heat in trousers, so I went for these shorts I picked up at a store in Gwanghwamun station.
Clutch Myeongdong street stall 
 And I managed to pick up this super cool holographic clutch for only 10 000 (~$10/£5.90) at a closing down sale (anyone who knows me well knows I love anything holographic).
LH midi ring Spitafields market // RH thumb ring N.Cat (못된고양이) // Watch Swatch
Photos by Carrie
BY THE WAY, I'm actually selling these shorts for pretty cheap over at Depop. My Depop username is 'imblanc' so please check out what I'm selling.


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