Thursday, 4 September 2014

FAVOURITES: August '14

To make up for missing last week's post, I'm putting up 2 blog posts this week. I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with doing favourites monthly, but I will definitely try to put one up every now and again.

 Evil Eye Print Clutch 
(Myeongdong // ₩10 000 = ~£6)
I love this bag and has been my go-to bag last month. In Seoul, I used it more as a clutch, but for some reason, I think it looks better when worn with a strap in London. Sometimes I use the plain black side instead if I feel like the evil eye print clashes too much with my outfit, so it's the perfect multifunctional bag. Also, I love any bag with built in pockets and this bag has 5 separate pockets/compartments, which makes finding things in my bag a lot easier.
Also a plus is that I paid less than £6 for this bag in a closing down sale in Myeongdong.

Delight Tint Crayon #4 Change Green 
(TONYMOLY //  ₩6800 = ~£4 // can be bought HERE)
I have been taking this lip balm around with me everywhere. The colour changes to a bright fuchsia tint and the concept is a bit gimmicky , but the tint actually lasts for a really long time, acting almost like a stain, so it's great for every day use.

Distressed Acid Wash Mom Jeans 
(Forever21 // ₩8995 = ~£5.40 // online link HERE)
Admittedly, these aren't the most comfortable pair of jeans and need to be worn in. BUT to me, they're a better version of the boyfriend jeans, so more high waisted and flattering. They're not overly distressed and shredded, and the best part is that I got them in the sale for about £5. I wear them with a crop top and mostly cuffed with ankle boots.


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