Thursday, 11 September 2014

OUTFIT: Goodbye Summer

This will probably the last summer outfit I post this year as we start heading into Autumn (although the weather this week in London has been sunny and fab). 
Crop Top H&M // Shorts Charity Shop (originally Topshop Boutique) // Maxi Dress Time Square Underground Mall // Boots Edae Market
I  had to layer this sheer maxi dress over some plain black crop top and shorts because I didn't bring a slip dress with me on holiday, but I think I managed to make it work. The dress is the perfect length, which is rare considering how short I am, and I absolutely love it. It's pretty unique and I'm so glad I bought it in Korea.
We shot this outfit probably on one of the most scorching days when we were in Seoul. The breeze helped out a bit but mostly just blew my hair all over my face so we were constantly looking for shade. But, admittedly, I'll miss this Sun when Autumn/Winter fully settles in.
Rings (L-R) ALand, Spitafields Market, N Cat // Watch Edae Market (Casio)
[Photos shot by Carrie]


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